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Lisa Henderson joins Milliman as InsurTech strategist

Milliman today announced that the firm has hired Lisa Henderson as Chief Strategist, Casualty Products and InsurTech Consulting. Henderson has more than 20 years of executive management experience in technology companies, serving as CEO of Princeton Softech (acquired by IBM) and as EVP of sales and marketing for DFA Capital Management (acquired by Conning Asset Management). Henderson is also a previous E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year.

“Milliman has deep roots in insurance and has been a leader in bringing cloud computing and advanced analytics to insurers,” says Henderson. “The firm’s entrepreneurial culture continues to generate innovative technology with the potential to enable new efficiencies for the claims and customer acquisition units. And Milliman’s cupboard is fully stocked with exciting technology that can transform and, in some cases, disrupt business as usual.”

“We’re thrilled to have an executive of Lisa Henderson’s stature joining the Milliman team,” says Brian Brown, Milliman’s Global P&C Practice Director. “Our experts have devised some incredible technology and now we have the leader in place to grow into the exciting InsurTech market.”

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